TALKING TO Tony Hoagland

Poet, Teacher, Writer

Tony Hoagland can make ordinary people squirm. And as an ordinary person I can also say he can make us laugh. It's what happened when I saw him at the University of New Hampshire in the fall of 2010. In one poem he read this night he addresses Britney Spears in these provocative lines:  "Oh, my adorable little monkey,/prancing for your candy,/With one of my voices I shout Jump, jump, you little whore!/With another I turn down the lights and say,/Put on some clothes and go home, sweetheart." Brian Crowley, the photographer who took this picture (to the left), introduced me to the poet after the reading. I told Tony I wanted to talk him for a series of interviews I'm doing on the work people do. He said he was staying at the Holiday Inn Express, and that's where we met and talked the next day. Read the Interview





I’m walking across the kitchen when I hear it on TV. The captain of a JetBlue airplane freaks out mid-flight, his co-pilot forces him out of the cockpit, and in the main cabin some passengers pin him to the floor as he yells, “Say your prayers! Say your prayers!” Usually, I can walk by CNN […]